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BJD / Wigs / Clothes Wishlist

If you would like to see more of my wishlist you can go here.
Mangatude wishlist

Dolls & clothes
(hair still attached & most with stock, will pay extra if need too)
*21/23cm obitsu girl (M chest)white body w/magnet, including different hands.
*sage body (or feet) or obitsu boy body.
*Little Dal Alice - Pink, Little Pullip Alice (wavy hair) - Blue, Little Pullip - Blue & Pink
*Pullip Fantastic Alice
*Dal Drta
*Drta wig
*Dal Milch
*Pullip Elisabeth
*Dal Ende
*Hellcatpunks Pullip Chelsea
*Hellcatpunks Dal Phoebe
*Dal Melize
*Pullip Nina
*tinkerbell Dal
*Pullip Taeyang Neo Angelique Rayne Doll
*Pullip Taeyang Doll Lead the Guitarist
*Pullip Taeyang Arion Doll
*Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler) Sebastian Taeyang
*Pullip roman holiday princess Ann*Vocaloid Miku nendoroid (all faces)
*drossel nendoroid tall (poseable figure)
*drossel nendoroid small
*LUTS Junior Delf Terra - 1/3 size BJD - RealSkin normal*LUTS Junior Delf Terra - 1/3 size BJD - RealSkin normal
*BJD Asleep Eidolon - Lian Rong (Boy - 27cm) (Asleep Eidolon Lian Rong (Boy).)*Dal Jollie (just outfit), Drta outfit, Melize outfit, Alice outfit (more than one)
*Clovera -1 (face-up A, double jointed,outfit)
*Morphoa -1 (face-up (no tatoos), double jointed,outfit)
*megi-2 (face-up, double jointed,outfit)
*Kaiyodo Revoltech Peirre (Revoltech Yamaguchi Dokodemo Issyo Series No. 065: Pierre -- dog)
*Kaiyodo Revoltech Yotsuba amazon DanBoard Danbo (big & small - box)
*Kaiyodo Revoltech Yamaguchi Sony Jun 048 (pink rabbit)
*Kaiyodo Revoltech Toro & Kuro (black & white cats plain)
*Wig - CanCan in the color 'rust'
*also this wig (one on left brownish red) or if you have the doll and wig

mangatude wishlist kookie
LG wishlist kookiedakat
Flickr wishlist kookiedakat
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