kookiedakat (kookiedakat) wrote,

CCS Wishlist

If you would like to see more of my wishlist you can go here.
Mangatude wishlist

Cardcaptor items:

*Just need volumes 2-3 & 5-7 (unless there are more than 7)

*Cardcaptors Sakura (card captors) Master of the Clow Vol 3 manga english (i dont want the red tokyopop icon on the spine,but i want the insert card inside the manga)

*if you have other dolls at a reasonable price let me know. looking for all their pieces. dont need the box. and other merchandise. (they dont have to be in the boxes/really want the wings costume)

*looking for pink wand on doll (i have the doll, outfit, stand, kero, cat ears & boots, not sure if anything else is missing besides the wand)
*sakura Kimono

Tags: books, ccs, clothes, dolls, manga, wishlist
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